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happy 70th

Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Feb. 6 2010

Drifting snow Feb. 6, 2010


Michael and Grampa


In the pool

Fishing at Ridgedale

Michael trying to catch a fish


Riding the mini streetbike

Mowing the yard

Michael mowing the yard


Alicia on the The Homecoming Court for Ridgedale


Alicia in her Prom Dress

helicopter ride

Michael's first Helicopter ride. Thanks to Uncle Mike.

Dad's Goat

Michael visiting Grampa's Goats

big air

Michael getting some air

About an eight pointer

An eight point buck in my swamp (11/22/05) Deer Gun season right around the corner


Getting ready for Halloween

2005 School Picture

Michael's 2005 School Picture

tomatoe horn worm

Tomato Horn Worm, These things can really demolish a tomato plant

horse rider

Michael riding a horse at Blair's Riding Stable

first day of school

First Day of School 2005


Cardinals, Tee-ball Champions 2005, Undefeated

MY John Deere

My New John Deere

Michael's new Mallard Ducks

My Brother

My brother in Afghanistan

Michael and 24's

Michael in the drivers seat of Marion City's new ladder truck

His Own Golf Clubs

My Golfer

My Baseball Player 2004

The Cardinals

The undefeated Cardinals 2004


Michael Gettin' in the mud

Pictures of my farm

Michael with his grampa

Michael on a real train

Michael's room (see the video) he loves to watch trains.


See the RC Helicopter crash video Dial Up or DSL


My Brother shooting a big gun (.50 cal) preparing to protect our country


Happy Birthday Michael
11 years old, I love you
-- Posted by stoney on December 10 2009

Pictures of my new addition
Pictures of my addition to to my house. Special Thanks to my Dad for being there every day!
-- Posted by stoney on October 2 2006

Happy Birthday DAD

-- Posted by stoney on September 14 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

-- Posted by stoney on February 13 2006

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.
-- Posted by stoney on December 24 2005

Happy Birthday Michael
Michael turns 7 years old on Dec. 10 2005. Happy Birthday!!!!
-- Posted by stoney on December 9 2005

Cardinals Champions Again!!!
Marion Baseball for Youth Tee-Ball, Cardinals Champions for the second straight year, UNDEFEATED.
-- Posted by stoney on August 2 2005

Pictures of the Storm Damage
A small Photo Gallery of the storm damage on Jan. 6 2005
-- Posted by stoney on January 10 2005

Happy Holidays
Everyone have a safe and happy holiday season.
-- Posted by stoney on December 23 2004

Be sure to check out to see Michael's Safety City Graduation pictures.
-- Posted by stoney on November 20 2004

Happy Halloween
And don't forget to turn your clock back before you go to bed
-- Posted by stoney on October 30 2004

New Website
Check out my new site its just a start, but I will be adding content to it shortly.
-- Posted by stoney on October 24 2004

Old Footage
Got to see the Funny Video of Michael best seen with broadband, when he went to the zoo. The funny part is near the end of the clip so watch for it.
-- Posted by stoney on August 6 2004

The Cardinals are Champions
A very close game with some controversy, but it all worked out in the end, The Cardinal's win the tournament. Hope to have some pictures soon.
-- Posted by stoney on August 3 2004

The Cardinals play Tuesday
They won against a very good team, the Mud Hens, on Thursday and now they play for the Championship Tuesday at 6 O'Clock Maynard field.
-- Posted by stoney on July 29 2004

Michael is 3-0 in the teeball tournament. Next game Thursday 6:00 Maynard field, I think, if they don't change it.
-- Posted by stoney on July 28 2004

Michael's Chicken
The only hen of the five finally laid an brown egg
-- Posted by stoney on July 28 2004

Cardinals 2-0 in Tee ball tournament
Tha Cardinals are still in the winners bracket for the Double Elimination Tee Ball tournament at Lincoln Park.
Next game Monday at 7:30 on Maynard field
-- Posted by stoney on July 20 2004

Farm Pictures
Click Here to see my farm pictures.
-- Posted by stoney on June 15 2004

Cardinals undefeated
The Cardinals have won all their games so far. Good luck Cardinals
-- Posted by stoney on June 15 2004

Cardinals Win
Michael's First tee-ball game was a win. They played great! And I hope everyone had fun.
-- Posted by stoney on June 1 2004

T-Shirt Design Contest
Visit my T-Shirt Design Page to help me out.
-- Posted by stoney on March 9 2004

Some new updates
Added some pictures to the Sports Page, fixed some links and added some new pictures to the main page. And also check out the photo gallery from the Hare Scramble at Sunset Ramblers on 2-8-04.
-- Posted by stoney on February 9 2004

Merry Christmas
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
-- Posted by stoney on December 25 2003

Pictures from my Farm
I bought a farm house that needs a lot of work so my website isn't getting as much attention as it used to, but I did post some pictures of my house and barn. I will try to get some more stuff on this site when i get time, thanks.
-- Posted by stoney on November 18 2003

Michael makes the paper
Michael gets his picture in the Sunday Star. Click Here to see the story and picture online or just check out the article in the Sunday Star.
-- Posted by stoney on October 5 2003

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